B2B T1 Hemp Clones 2020

$12 per clone | advanced genetics | limited

Tennessee Hemp Clones: T1 (Tennessee Hemp) 

  • T1 matures with wide vibrant flowers

  • T1 hearty proven full spectrum strain

  • T1 fine blend of sativa and indica genetics

  • T1 provides several advantages from first crop to final extraction 



M2M Hemp Clones 2020

$6 per clone  | advanced genetics | options

Tennessee Hemp Clones: T1 (Tennessee Hemp) 

  • 50% off high CBD vibrant clones

  • Provisional Dry Weight Buyback option

  • Exclusive national knowledge base

  • Direct Access to national distribution channels

  • Expansion tips for 2020/21!

  • First in line for new hemp strains

  • Discounted membership renewal                

How We Work

Experienced | Proven | Trusted

Over the years, we've seen pain points at almost every step of the way for hemp farms.


From licensing to plantingharvesting to processing and into local or national distribution networks. 

By cooperating together in the past, we've seen farms, labs, buyers, sellers, distributors and consumers prosper when each phase is considered in advance.

Hemp Success Cycles

Plant | Process | Manufacture | Distribute

As hard as it is to grow fine hemp, getting fine hemp to market is more than just a harvest.

​Let's cooperate Tennessee style. 


As a members we can work together to neutralize conglomerates from dominating the vibrant Hemp business that the Independent Tennessee Grower has worked hard to establish, keeping the market strong and profitable.

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